Quantitative Real-time PCR

The most accurate diagnostic tool for veterinary viral diseases

Most asked questions

What is PCR?

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing identifies the presence of a pathogen’s DNA or RNA in a patient specimen. PCR is highly sensitive and specific testing that can confirm the actual presence of an organism.

Are vaccinated animals will show positive results?

NO, Our PCR includes a quantitative measure of viral load to allow discrimination between vaccine interference and natural infection with the virus.

What is Real-time PCR means?

Real-time PCR is a closed-tube system that delivers shorter assay run times, virtually eliminates false positives and provides quantitative results that are both faster and more sensitive than conventional PCR.

How early can PCR detects the infection?

Very early stages, in simple words: PCR show positive in infected animals before antibody can be detected.

Rapid test show negative result but the animal show signs of disease, is it worth doing PCR?

YES definitely, we have lots of recorded cases where the rapid test failed to detect the infection and PCR results were inclusive to save the animal's life.

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We are providing PCR-specific swabs free from DNA & RNA.

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