Veterinary Diagnostic Testing in Dubai

The Karas veterinary clinic knows numerous symptoms are not visible to the unaided eye. With our sophisticated diagnostic tools, our veterinarians can diagnose pets more swiftly and precisely. We can successfully diagnose medical issues such as fractures, foreign bodies, cancers, gastrointestinal problems, heart and lung disorders, bladder stones, etc., with diagnostic testing. To create radiographs with higher-quality images, we use digital radiology.

Using low-stress and relaxing approaches, our vets Dubai and veterinary technicians at Karas veterinary clinic in Dubai will assist your pet in maintaining calm during the X-ray procedure. Whether you have a cat acting strangely or a pregnant dog requiring an ultrasound, we are ready to get your pets back on all four paws. Book an appointment today!
Veterinary X-ray in Dubai

Veterinary X-Ray Dubai

Radiography is a painless, non-invasive, and secure imaging technique. We take images inside your pet's body using a radiograph or x-ray. These scans will allow our doctors to assess your pet's bones and internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs, to identify any internal problems. Since we only use very small radiation levels while obtaining x-rays, even very young or pregnant animals can safely be examined using this technique.

Karas Veterinary is the first veterinary clinic in Dubai to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to implement the most advanced X-Ray diagnosis method. To assist veterinarians in the diagnosis process, veterinarian artificial intelligence (VAI) employs machine learning to assess radiographs of companion animals for normals and abnormalities. VAI technology is better and more thorough in deciphering digital images and spotting anomalies than the human eye. It is not susceptible to human flaws like subjectivity or "tunnel vision." Every time, the entire film is thoroughly examined.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Diagnostic ultrasound is a very useful technique in veterinary medicine that enables our specialists to treat and diagnose various conditions in real-time, unlike individual images. It only takes a little preparation to trim your pet's fur before employing ultrasonography as a non-invasive diagnostic procedure to evaluate your pet. In the diagnostic process of ultrasonography, ultrasonic vibrations are employed to create a picture.

Ultrasound doesn't use radiation, and doesnt require any preparation pre-examination like food restrictions or dehydration. The main artery, heart, spleen, liver, kidney, and other organ systems can all be evaluated by ultrasound. Additionally, ultrasonography can check up on the growing animals during a pet's pregnancy. Your pet won't experience pain or need to be anesthetized during the scan.
Veterinary Ultrasound in Dubai
For more information about our Advanced Digital X-ray Service, please visit Our X-Ray Referral page.
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