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What is the Digital X-Ray?

Digital X-Ray is an advanced radiology machine that captures the image once you press the button Capture. 

What are the benefits of the Digital over the regular X-Ray?

All of us know that stress for animals has a negative effect on health, regular x-ray needs about 10-15 minutes to get ONE image as the following: restrain the animal and press the button then take the disk for digitalisation; while in the Digital X-ray, it takes maximum 3-4 minutes per image. So, position the animal and press the button, Walaaaaah the image in front of you on the screen and very clear. 
And the animal stressed less and the process finished quick.

Is there any difference in the image quality?

YES definitely, The regular x-ray uses an internal old disk that needs to be scanned and put back inside the envelope, with daily usage, the dust and small particles cause abnormality and reduce the quality of the image. 
In the case of Digital X-Ray, the process is different, there is an electronic plate which captures the radiation and immediately sends it to the computer, and no dust or particles can affect the quality of the images.

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