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Dear cat parents and kitten enthusiasts! We know how much your adorable fur babies mean to you, which is why we are excited to announce an amazing kitten vaccination offer that you simply cannot miss. For just 500 AED, you can give your little one the best possible start in life with our comprehensive care package. This all-inclusive deal covers essential vaccinations, medical checkups, microchipping, and Dubai municipality registration – everything you need to keep your kitten happy, healthy, and protected.

The offer

What's Included in Our 500 AED Kitten Vaccination Offer?

  1. Two Medical Checkups

Your kitten's health is our top priority, which is why we are including two full medical checkups in our offer. Our expert veterinarians will carefully examine your kitten to ensure they are growing and developing as they should. These checkups are crucial for early detection and prevention of potential health issues, as well as for monitoring the success of vaccinations.

  1. Two PCH Vaccines
Karas Kitten Vaccination package
Karas Vet Clinic Kitten Vaccination package

Our offer includes two PCH (Panleukopenia, Calicivirus, and Herpesvirus) vaccines, which are essential to protect your kitten against common feline viral diseases. These vaccinations will help to safeguard your precious pet from life-threatening illnesses, such as feline distemper, upper respiratory infections, and more.

  1. One Rabies Vaccine

Rabies is a dangerous and deadly disease, but with our offer, you can rest assured that your kitten will be protected. We include one rabies vaccine in our package, in accordance with Dubai's pet vaccination regulations. This vaccine will provide your kitten with immunity against the rabies virus, keeping them – and your family – safe.

  1. Microchipping

To further ensure your kitten's safety and security, our 500 AED kitten vaccination offer includes microchipping. Microchipping is a simple procedure where a tiny, rice-sized chip is implanted under your kitten's skin. This chip contains a unique identification number that is registered in a national database, making it easier to reunite lost or stolen pets with their owners.

  1. Dubai Municipality Registration

Lastly, our comprehensive care package includes Dubai municipality registration for your kitten. This mandatory registration is crucial for responsible pet ownership and ensures that you are abiding by the laws and regulations of Dubai. We will guide you through the registration process, making it a seamless and stress-free experience.


With our unbeatable kitten vaccination offer, your fur baby will receive the best possible care and protection for an incredible price of just 500 AED. Don't miss this opportunity to ensure your kitten's well-being and future happiness. Contact us today to book an appointment and give your kitten the healthy start they deserve.

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